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Our Server Infrastructure


  • Our Block Producing Servers are not exposed to the public

  • Management of servers is only allowed and monitored by a Bastion Host Server


Our infrastructure is constantly monitored and able to adapt to any type of attack or failure so our stake pool is always available.


Using multiple cloud services and a portable image, our servers can scale quickly to respond to any DDoS attacks.

Always Available

With a mix of redundant relay servers, back-up block producing servers, and bare-metal servers, our stake pool is always available. 


Infrastructure Details

There are three zones that make up our infrastructure:

  1. Public-Facing Network

  2. Private Network

  3. Offline

Access to the servers are protected by a firewall to only allow connections to the Bastion Host Server. The private network can only be accessed through the Bastion Host Server.  The Bastion Host monitors SSH activity and adds a layer of protection against adversaries.

Our server keys are always stored offline and transactions are generated offline.

In the public network, we use multiple redundant relay servers operating on the cloud and on bare-metal.

In the private network, we have a main block producing server that is connected to our relay servers.  We have back-up block producing servers that can dynamically switch in case the main block producer fails.

All our servers are constantly monitored to ensure constantly availability and shall scale and adapt to any attacks to the infrastructure.

Protections against Direct Attacks

  • Offline Keys so pledge is protected

  • Block Production Servers in Private Network (no public IP)

  • Access restricted to Bastion Host

Protections against DDoS

  • Block Production servers in Private Network (no public IP)

  • Multiple relay servers on cloud and bare-metal

  • Back-up cloud servers to respond to any sudden increases to traffic

Backups, backups, backups... (Redundancy)

  • Block production server back-up in case initial server fails

  • Multiple relay servers on cloud and bare-metal

Bare Metal Servers


Intel 4-Core CPU



Cloud Servers


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