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BEAVR Stake Pool is a Proof-of-Stake participant on the Cardano Block-chain developed by IOHK.

The Proof-of-Stake protocol designed for Cardano is Ouroboros. Ouroboros and its iterations (BFT, Praos, Genesis, etc.) are peer-reviewed and create a proven secure block-chain that is fast and scalable.

What is Staking?


Holders of ADA can stake their currency to a stake pool on the Cardano blockchain using a wallet like Daedalus or Yoroi.


By staking ADA, delegates shall receive rewards when the stake pool they delegated to creates blocks. The expected ADA return over a year of staking is 4 - 6%.

When staking, you do not send ADA to a stake pool, so your ADA stays in your wallet. Rewards are automatically transferred to your wallet by the stake pool at the end of every epoch.


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When do I get ADA Rewards?

Rewards in your wallet appear 15 - 20 days after staking to a pool.  Rewards are distributed automatically. Refer to the Delegation Cycle for details.

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What if a Stake Pool is Hacked?

Stake pools do not contain any staker's ADA or private information about their wallet, so your ADA is safe while delegating.  A stake pool that is compromised may yield lower returns or lose their pledge.

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How are Rewards Calculated?

Every epoch (5-day cycle), a stake pool's rewards are totaled based on a stake pool's performance, which is the number of blocks the pool made vs. the number they are expected to make.


Every stake pool has a mandatory 340 ADA fee, plus a variable fee . These fees are deducted from the total rewards pool received at the end of every epoch.

Will I lose ADA while Staking?

No.  By staking, there is no risk of losing ADA.  Also, you do not send ADA out of your wallet to stake.


There is an initial 2 ADA deposit in order to stake that is refunded if you do not want to stake to any pool anymore. 

What is a Stake Pool?

In Proof-of-Stake, stake pools servers participate in the blockchain by being elected to create blocks to confirm transactions for the blockchain.  Similar to mining, stake pools and their stakers receive rewards for creating blocks.

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How do I Stake ADA?

By using a wallet interface like Daedalus or Yoroi, you can stake your ADA through a delegation center.


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